Gandhabanik Education Society

Long back when India was still under British rule our ancestors played with an idea of forming such an organisation that would promote the then gradually decaying Gandhabanik youths in trade, commerce, industry and above all to let them have good education. It was in the year 1944 that idea saw the first light on a spring day. Gandhabanik Education Society unearthed and started its venture of catering free advices and financial help for the promotion of education to those who were in dire need of it. It was the time of a change. India was eyeing the freedom and at the same time was puzzled to select the way to follow for the development of the country. In that time of dilemma our noble ancestors heartily started to guide the youths properly. Education in all sense was their primary objective followed by the secondary objective of helping those boys and girls in building their own world to live a better life. Let us carry their flag proudly and take the opportunity to serve the society.

Srimonta Kumar Dawn.
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